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The Sports Shed works with Chicago area schools and athletic programs who serve youth of all ages in low-income communities. If you are a coach, athletic director, or program manager and are challenged with accessing affordable resources for your team or program, you are not alone. Check out our process for partnership below and find out how we can help you find solutions. Here’s how it works…

1. Meet with Us

Set up a meeting with us at our showroom in Washington Park so that we can assess your organization’s current resources and program challenges. Another option is for us to visit your facility to determine if you are a fit for the services we provide, confirm that your organization meets our recipient requirements and ensure that your organization’s goal align with The Sport Shed’s mission.

 2. Complete a Wish List

Once your organization has been approved, you are eligible to submit wish lists of items or make requests for needed resources. Download the wish list form here. 

Our service includes working with you on your wish list to identify best available options to meet your organization’s needs and goals. Whether you know exactly what you’re looking for, or you need recommendations, we are here to help!

We will first determine what we can supply from our shed that is stocked with new and gently used gear or through our partnership with Play it Again Sports. Any items distributed from them will have a 10% fee based on their market value. Example: 10 new rubber basketballs valued at a total of $120 would have a very small fee of only $12 or 5 used baseball mitts valued at a total of $90 would cost you only $9! 

There may be items such as uniforms in specific sizes or colors on your wish list that we do not currently have in our shed. In these cases, we have access to to below wholesale pricing through vendor partners such as Champro Sports or Augusta Sportswear. Click below to check out their websites.

3. Gear Determination AND ESTIMATE

We will determine what gear we have available in our Shed and what can be ordered wholesale. We will provide a cost estimate for both as well as let you know the earliest possible delivery date. At that point you can decide what works for your organization. 

4. Delivery/Pick Up

After the administrative fee has been confirmed, we will schedule a time that you can pick up your items from our showroom in Washington Park or arrangements will be made for delivery.

5. Evaluation

An evaluation form is emailed to recipient organizations and we request that it be completed and returned to The Sports Shed for useful feedback. We love to receive letters and pictures of the kids in the program as a confirmation of the value that our services provide.  

Recipient Costs:

The Sports Shed exists to supply gear and equipment to programs that do not otherwise have access to resources.  We understand that the programs and schools we are working have funding limitations.  Our goal is to get kids in the game by helping small budgets go as far as possible. 

That is why our administrative fee is set at 10% of the value for all items distributed through our Shed. That means we are able to supply hundreds of dollars of equipment for 10 cents on the dollar.

If the needed gear must be purchased new — like uniforms or specific items — we are able to give access to below wholesale prices through our partnerships with Champro and Augusta Sportswear.

Scholarships for administrative fees or non Sports Shed inventory items are limited and only available when funding is available on a case-by-case basis. 

Recipient Organization Requirements:

  • Located in the Chicago area* 
  • Provide sports programming to kids in under-resourced communities
  • Have 501(C)3 Status


*The Chicago area is our primary focus. Limited exceptions for organizations include:


  • Must have a Chicago office or local connection point.
  • Requests for items that we have a hard time placing or have an overabundance of.
  • Organizations that we have a pre-existing relationship with. 


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