As The Sports Shed enters its 9th year in operation, we are impacting more programs in much larger ways. One of those ways is though project sponsorship from the community.

A request came in last October from LEARN 6 Charter School in North Chicago. The request was for portable volleyball standards for the physical education department. Those standards could be used for volleyball, badminton, tennis, pickle ball and more. The image below is the set-up being used at the time of the request.

Your eyes are not seeing things! We are not the safety police but our years of sports experience told us that we needed to do something about it.

Just a month prior to the request, The Sports Shed was chosen by Highland Middle School as a school-wide charity partner for the year. We certainly had a project for them immediately. Through teamwork, communication and a strong desire to give back by the students, HMS raised funds to purchase the volleyball standards.

The Sports Shed was able to order and deliver the new volleyball standards to the school last month. The students at LEARN 6 were thrilled to play volleyball last week! The PE teachers are awaiting warmer weather to take the system outdoors.

If you are interested in sponsoring a project – send us a note. There are teams that need uniforms or schools that are in need of bleachers. Our requests come in all shapes and sizes. Whether it’s as an individual or a corporation, there are programs all throughout Chicago that need our help!

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